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You have done all your homework, you have looked at many dealerships and compared the prices on all the similar types RV's that you are interested in. You did not fall for the buy-down rate, the higher interest rate the dealer offered and are not about to get a home loan to purchase an RV because you don't want to put your home in jeopardy for a luxury item. Now what?

You need to shop for an RV loan just as you looked for the best price for the RV. There are many reputable lenders on the Internet and you will find that they all have similar rates. There could be a difference as little as 1/4%. How do you decide which lender to choose?

Our company belongs to the Better Business Bureau, has been in the RV industry for over 40 years, and is a leader in the RV financing industry. We have made the application and loan process as easy as possible. The staff is experienced and welcomes your questions because we know that an informed buyer is a smart buyer and when you understand what we can offer you, you will choose us to arrange your financing.

You have the choice of applying by phone, on-line, by fax or mail. You can be assured we will have the lowest competitive rates and will get the best terms for you. We are a favorite of the RV lending banks because of the volume we generate. Our excellent rates combined with our excellent service make us the lender of choice.

When we receive your application a staff will call and go over that information with you. We want to make sure the bank has all the information they need to quickly approve your loan. Once you are approved the documents are sent to you. They will arrive by overnight mail and a return pre-paid envelope will be included. All you need to do is take them to a notary, have them signed and notarized and return them to us as soon as possible. Once the bank receives them they will wire the money directly to the seller. You are then the owner and can get on with your traveling lifestyle!

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